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The Tooth Truth About Fast Food

added on: December 2, 2020

Did you hear the news? Shake Shack recently launched its very first location to The Woodlands at the mall. We all know how delicious their burgers and fries can be, good enough to make the most pickiest of mouths water.

When it’s time to check out the latest fast food offerings in our area, your Woodlands dentist wants to share with you a little known fact about some of the menu items. Eating them in excess and not having a checkup and cleaning at our Woodlands dental office can lead to unwanted tooth trouble for you and your family. We know it can be challenging to always have meals ready at home, and sometimes fast food is the easiest option. Here are some of the things you might want to skip for better oral health:

#1: Carbonated Drinks

It’s hard to avoid these types of drinks when the restaurants generally include them with most meal deals or price them so low they’re practically giving them away. Carbonated beverages do damage to teeth because of their high sugar content and high acid content. This combination can lead to unwanted damage to your teeth’s precious enamel. This leaves your teeth prone to decay and deterioration.

#2: Meals on Buns

From burgers to barbeque, so many of the meals we are served when we go out to eat come with some type of white bread. The bad news for your oral health is that white bread is a sticky starch that loves to linger on your teeth and can morph into sugar that feeds the bad bacteria in your mouth. The end result could be tooth decay and cavities. 

#3: French Fries

We know it’s hard to turn down a golden fried french fry. However, much like the bread we just talked about, they’re also incredibly starchy. They can also be loaded with salt or sodium. This can lead to trouble for your teeth if these substances are left to buildup on your teeth over time. Maybe choose a different side item such as fresh fruit or a salad.

Much like this article from Dentistry Today says, the real reason why fast food is harmful to your oral health is that many times, it’s loaded with added sugars and salts. When they stick to your teeth and buildup at the surface, tooth decay and cavities usually follow. 

However, your Woodlands dentists agree that, if kept to a minimum, fast food consumption is OK. There are complications when you and your family indulge too often and also forget to brush afterward. If you have questions about your smile and want to learn more, contact our knowledgeable dentists in the Woodlands.

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