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Wind Down 2021 in The Woodlands With These Healthy Holiday Tooth Tips

added on: December 9, 2021

As more and more holiday parties heat up your December and January calendars, your Woodlands dentists thought it might be time to talk about tips that can keep your teeth safe and healthy during this busy time of year. We all know there’s the extra temptation of sweets, and then more sweets, and other delicious treats that can be difficult to pass up. 

Check out all of the ways you can protect your smile this year: 

Say “Yes” to Cheese – Unless you have some dietary restrictions, everyone at our dental offices in The Woodlands will tell you that cheese is a perfect snack option that’s usually available at most holiday gatherings. Cheese is also good at neutralizing acids from harmful beverages that can lead to tooth decay and damage. Cheese contains calcium, too, which is good at strengthening your smile. 

Say “No” to Snacking – We know this one is tough, especially when you’re at a party with a gorgeous, delicious holiday spread. Try not to go crazy with snacking, especially on sugary treats such as candies, cookies, and cakes. These things contain sugar that loves to hang around your teeth and cause problems down the road, particularly if you forget to brush your teeth which can be easy to do during the busy holiday season, especially when there’s company crowding your bathrooms. 

Say “Hello” to Fruits and Veggies – Like we mentioned how cheese is not damaging to your teeth; remember to eat your fruits and vegetables during the holidays too. You’ll often find there are fresh fruit and vegetable trays available, making it easy to limit yourself from sugary snacks and opt for healthier veggie versions that are good for you and your body in so many unique ways. 

Say “Goodbye” to Going Off of Your Routine – Whether you’re traveling away from home for the holidays or welcoming family for an extended visit, it can be very easy to forget to brush and floss your teeth like you would each day. Due to all of the sweet temptations during this time of year, you don’t want to forget to stay on top of taking regular care of your smile. Don’t forget to rinse your mouth if you have a snack between meals. 

We hope these tips will help you navigate your holidays with ease when it comes to your Woodlands dentists, as these are our top wishes for you and your oral health. There’s still time to become a new patient or schedule your end-of-year visit at our conveniently-located dental offices in The Woodlands. Schedule your appointment at any of these offices:

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