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Where Comfort, Convenience, And Excellence Meet in a Smile

Once in a blue moon life offers that rare combination of outstanding care and a total sense of warmth and wellbeing. Add in absolute convenience, and you might think you have found the impossible – especially when it comes to dentistry.

This is exactly the extraordinary combination you’ll find when you choose the Woodland’s Dental Group! Our dentistry is so friendly, so comfortable, and so high-quality, Woodlands Online has voted us its Best Dentists for eight consecutive years and the overall Business of the Year in 2017!

We think you deserve it – don’t you?

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“Success is patients feeling taken care of.”
- Dr. Freeman
All The Dentistry You Could Ever Need

Not only does the Woodlands Dental Group offer a complete range of dental services for all ages and needs, from pediatric and preventive dentistry to cosmetic, orthodontics, and TMJ treatment in one beautiful location, you can choose your own doctor and team and stay with them all the way through any treatments you require. If you need a referral or specialized treatment, don’t worry, we can care for you within the association – right here in the same building. It’s the way we designed it!

Woodlands Dental Group
"We all had a desire to give great service to patients."
- Dr. Judith Ragsdale
Members of Woodlands Dental Group
A Legacy Of Collaboration
Woodland’s Dental Group began over 30 years ago when a group of friends, who also happened to be respected colleagues, decided to join forces while maintaining individual practices. We believed in the power of the group – in the strength of collaborating and sharing – and in the joy that comes when work is built on friendship and excellence.
Friends And Family
This philosophy applies not only to the association between the doctors – our dedication to excellence and friendship is extended to each Woodland’s Dental Group patient as well! Our team treats every patient like the friends they inevitably become and offers them the kind of care they offer their own families. It is a commitment we stand by.
Woodlands Dental Group
“You have to treat the patient as you would a member of your own family and be cognizant of what is best for them. We want to make dentistry a pleasant experience.”