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Celebrating Healthy Smiles: It’s National Dental Hygiene Month

added on: October 19, 2020

With everything that 2020 has brought our way, we can’t go this month without taking some time to honor and appreciate all of our outstanding hygienists. They provide us with stellar dental hygiene in The Woodlands. That’s why we wanted to recognize National Dental Hygiene Month and all of the hard work they do.

As the uncertainty of the year unfolded around us, we watched you come together as a community knowing that your work as an essential health care provider makes a difference in our patients’ oral and overall health. Voices raised, hardships endured, new paths created, and a stronger, more powerful urge to promote and encourage optimal oral health for all patients.

A New Normal with Some Familiar Faces

Personally and professionally, we’ve all had to make some adjustments to our way of life during this past year, whether we wanted to or not. Your Woodlands dentists’ are proud of every single member of our hygiene team for being open, willing, and more ready than ever to accept changes to create an even safer yet still comfortable environment for our patients. Everyone banded together, showing your commitment to overcoming adversity and emerging even stronger to help your patients and their smiles stay healthy.

As our offices adopted some new health and safety protocols, including patient temperature checks, updated sterilization, and disinfection procedures, and wearing additional personal protective equipment, the dental hygienists jumped into action. They were ready to support each other every step of the way.

Dental Hygienists: Your First Line of Defense

These guys and gals are ready to tackle harmful decay, bacteria, plaque, and tartar that can build up on our teeth. Dental hygienists have all of the experience and expertise you need. Trust them to show you how having optimal oral health will positively impact your overall health and lifetime longevity.

Know that all of The Woodlands dental hygienists work tirelessly to continually improve their treatment techniques and tools they use to bring you the outstanding oral health results you expect from us. They’re always here for you and your family, no matter what!

Wearing Many Hats

It’s no secret at most dental offices that dental hygienists tend to wear many hats during their days at work, but they have three primary duties that are the most significant roles they play daily to bring you complete smile success:

1) Preventive Therapists – Dental hygienists complete all oral health screenings and assessments and make personalized treatment recommendations based on your individual needs and goals.

2) Periodontal Therapists – We all know how vital your periodontal or gum health is for oral and overall health. Your dental hygienists have the training and tools to understand what the signs of gum disease are and how to provide the best, highly-skilled periodontal care.

3) Treatment Advocates – Your dental hygienist will promote overall dental health by providing you with the necessary education to understand the importance of these things:

Preventive care

Restorative care

– Comprehensive exams

– Regular checkups

– Monitoring your overall wellness

We know you’ll join us in thanking all of the many talented dental hygiene professionals who make the world a better place, one healthy smile at a time. Right now, your Woodlands dentist and patients need you more than ever!

Your dental hygienist in The Woodlands will also join your dentist in saying that oral health greatly impacts your overall health, so now is not the time to skip your cleanings. Schedule your hassle-free cleaning and checkup appointment today. If you have any questions or concerns about coming to the office, please don’t hesitate to discuss them with us. If you don’t already have one, choose from one of these amazing Woodlands dentists:

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