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Just Say “No” To This TikTok Dental Hack

added on: February 8, 2021

Maybe you’ve seen the videos on TikTok. Maybe you’ve heard about it from friends or family. Maybe you read about it here. Thanks to TikTok user @gypsytrax, there’s a series of viral videos circulating on the app that has your Woodlands dentist a little concerned. 

What’s it All About?

The videos in question contain a series of tutorials about how you can use a product called InstaMorph beads to create a false tooth or removable partial denture at home. The beads are relatively inexpensive and are easily moldable when heated. The videos have garnered well over a million views combined, showing users how to make InstaMorph bead replacement teeth. 

Why It’s a Bad Idea

While this TikTok trend may seem like a sensible solution to your dental problems, there’s a good chance that you could end up doing more harm to your teeth than good. Your Woodlands dentist will tell you that when we create partials or dentures for your smile, they’re carefully molded and shaped to fit comfortably in your mouth without hurting your gums. While InstaMorph beads can technically be molded to help replace a missing tooth, there are some serious health risks to your oral and overall health.

Relying on do-it-yourself dentistry and microbeads is not hygienic and can lead to harmful bacterial buildup. What’s worse, you can even develop gum disease or inflammation that can lead to more permanent damage. One of the biggest reasons your dentist in The Woodlands sees gum recession in patients is due to poorly-fitted dentures like something made out of InstaMorph beads. Unfortunately, gum recession is often accompanied by bad breath, pain in your gums, and tooth loss — no one deserves that!

What You Should Do

If you or someone in your family requires dental work or restoration, it’s important that you trust your smile to a professional like one of our talented Woodlands dentists. We have training and technology to create custom solutions for you that support a healthy mouth and body. You can talk to us about your needs and concerns, so together we can come up with a solution that fits your needs and budget. 

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