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Welcome to 2021: Where Patients Are Looking for “Less Perfect” Smiles

added on: March 2, 2021

Your Woodlands dentist was doing a little reading recently, and this article popped into our newsfeed. We thought we’d share it with you because we’ve experienced similar situations at our dental offices in The Woodlands. 

The article focuses on a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Matt Nejad, or the mouth’s Mr. Fixit. One after another, patients recently started coming to him not because their dental work is failing but because it simply doesn’t look natural. The patients now have teeth that are so perfect; they don’t look natural.

And so it begins…the search for an “imperfect-perfect” smile.

Is it Time for a Change for Your Woodlands Smile?

Your Woodlands dentist agrees that a year filled with Zoom-based meetings and more time spent at home in front of the mirror has made Americans more self-conscious about their smiles. Dr. Mitchell Josephs of Palm Beach, Florida, says he’s seen a similar trend in that part of the country. Patient after patient are coming forward to talk about revising or revisiting their previous cosmetic or restorative work. He says “regardless of what the procedure or technique was”—veneers, straightening, whitening—the end product “should look like something that actually was part of them.”

We couldn’t agree more! At all of our Woodlands dental offices, we customize whatever type of treatment to you for precise results that you will truly love — more natural, never overdone. 

How We Make it Right — Every Treatment, Every Time

We love having the challenge of creating perfectly imperfect smiles in The Woodlands. As we help patients like you achieve natural-looking smiles, there are a few key things that we will look at while planning for more precise results.

1) Size – We want to make sure something like porcelain veneers is the correct size for your mouth. Too much can throw everything off. 

2) Shape – The shape of your veneers or dental crowns has to be just right too. 

3) Symmetry – No one has perfectly symmetrical teeth. When you’re getting a smile makeover, you want results that bring balance and harmony to your look. 

4) Color – The days of bright white “Chiclet’ teeth are gone. The color of your dental work should not be overpowering or too noticeable. 

5) Age – The shape and color of your teeth should accurately reflect your age. While it’s certainly OK to go whiter for a more youthful appearance, too white might not look too good.


If you’d like to speak to someone about improving your smile and past dental work, come to see us in The Woodlands at one of these locations:

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