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Oral Health Tips for This Holiday Season  

added on: November 15, 2023

Who doesn’t enjoy the multitude of treats, sweet, and good times that roll around every year during the holiday season? Before you indulge in candy, cookies, and sugar-laden desserts, have a plan in place to ensure that you don’t suffer from any dental consequences once the new year hits. The Woodlands Dental Group is here to provide an action plan for dental care during the holidays. 

Understanding the Connection Between Sugar and Oral Health  

Most people understand that sugar can be harmful to your teeth but may not know the science behind it. When sugar is consumed, it begins interacting with the bacteria found in the oral cavity. This interaction creates an acid that can cause tooth decay and loss of enamel. Allowing sugar to sit on the teeth for extended periods attracts bad bacteria. Left to its own devices, this can lead to gingivitis – a common form of gum disease. Patients in The Woodlands should seek medical attention from their dentist if these issues arise, as they can cause more serious problems if left untreated. 

Sugary food and drinks can be enjoyed in moderation. Cleaning your teeth at least twice a day can decrease the effects of the substances and prevent acidity from wreaking havoc. Your Woodlands dentist recommended practical, everyday oral health habits for stronger and healthier teeth. 

Oral Health Tips for Preventing Cavities During Holidays  

Holiday treats and oral health is a topic that comes up around this time every year. Excessive consumption of added sugars can lead to tooth decay, as well as other health-related problems. Favorite holiday treats include eggnog, sugary candies, baked cookies, and that homemade apple pie that Aunt Dorothea makes every year. Sticky, chewy foods, such as candied nuts and taffy, can loosen fillings, crack crowns, and otherwise lead to a dental mishap during the holiday celebrations. 

Following the advice of your dentist in the Woodlands, such as brushing your teeth 30 minutes after a meal and consuming sweet holiday treats in moderation, helps to decrease the chances of a cavity. Oral health tips for holidays also include adequate water consumption and flossing daily to help keep your teeth and gums in their best condition. Keep a travel toothbrush and a container of floss handy, so there’s never an excuse to slack on oral health care. Traveling to and from relatives and friends this holiday season can interrupt daily schedules but sticking to your oral health routine should be prioritized.  

Your Woodlands Dental Group team in The Woodlands, TX enjoys a sweet treat every once in a while as well. We’re not here to tell you to pass on that homemade baked good, because where’s the fun in that? With the right dental care plan, patients can enjoy their favorite holiday foods and remain cavity-free this season.