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Smile Envy: Which Royal Has the Most Searchable Smile?

added on: January 31, 2022

Your Woodlands dentists know that you can’t go through the rest of 2022 without this essential information. A new study shows who had the most searchable, coveted smile in the royal family. We bet you can venture a guess as to who won the coveted crown at the top of the Google listings. Read on to find out. 

How’d They Do it?

The study says that researchers could find out who had the most-searched smile by analyzing Google searches for the beloved British royal family members that also had the terms “teeth” and “smile.” From there, they were able to see the top five royal smiles that people were most interested in seeing, and here’s how the competition stacked up:

#1 in Google Searches – Kate Middleton (36,000 searches annually)

#2 in Google Searches – Meghan Markle (17,400 searches annually)

#3 in Google Searches – Prince Harry (15,000 searches annually)

#4 in Google Searches – Lady Louise Windsor (10,800 searches annually)

#5 in Google Searches – Queen Elizabeth (7,800 searches annually)

In case you’re wondering, Lady Louise Windsor is the royal monarch’s granddaughter. (We didn’t know either.) What do you think? Who has the better smile? Your Woodlands dentist would love to hear your thoughts. 

How to Get the Royal Treatment

Are you interested in looking like Princess Kate? Do you want that Meghan Markle megawatt smile? There are options for all smiles at our Woodlands dental offices. Using some of cosmetic dentistry’s most advanced treatments and technologies, we can transform your smile from ordinary to more majestic in a matter of a few appointments. From beautiful porcelain veneers to a complete smile makeover, you can live and look like your favorite Royal too. 

Teeth Whitening and Weddings to Remember

Teeth whitening is one of cosmetic dentistry’s most accessible, most convenient treatments to complete. It’s most likely a sure thing that Kate or Meghan have had a teeth whitening treatment for their gorgeous smiles, especially since they both had a royal wedding one can only dream of with nothing less than millions around the world watching their every move. Surely, most eyes were on their elaborate white gowns, but your dentist in The Woodlands knows there were more than a few shots of their beautiful smiles too. 

If you want to take your smile to the next level, it’s time you schedule a consultation with one of our dentists in The Woodlands. They all have the training, experience, and gentle touch you’re looking for in a dentist. Call us or contact us online! We can help you achieve the smile of your dreams and feel more regal than you ever thought possible.

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