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Can Your Woodlands Dentist Tell if You’re Pregnant?

added on: February 8, 2022

How about a little surprising news that maybe you were or weren’t “expecting” in 2022? If you go to see your dentist in The Woodlands regularly, there’s a good chance that they can tell you’re pregnant before you might even know or suspect something isn’t right. How is this even possible? It’s all caused by your hormones that boost your blood flow to your gums, making them bleed more than usual. This is a sign your family could be growing!

What else can your dentist tell you about when he looks at your mouth and teeth? It’s pretty interesting!

Your Mouth Doesn’t Lie

In this article, they break down all of the things your Woodlands dentist can tell about your oral and overall health simply by seeing the inside of your smile. 

1) Are you stressed?

Sometimes when we’re going through something stressful, like a work situation, we tend to clench or grind our teeth, also known as bruxism. And have you ever reached for the nearest pen or pencil to nibble one due to anxiety? You might be doing it right now and not even know it. However, your Woodlands dentist does as your teeth become worn, cracked, or even fractured. Sometimes a mouthguard can help do the trick at protecting your teeth when you’re incredibly anxious. 

2) Were you a thumbsucker?

Yep, your dentist can tell if you were a thumbsucker as a kiddo. How do they even know? What happens when you consistently suck your thumb, over time, it can push your front teeth forward, and your upper jaw becomes narrow. Sometimes braces are your best bet or solution to fix this common issue. 

3) Do you smoke?

At our dental offices in The Woodlands, we can usually tell when someone is a smoker, especially if they’ve been using tobacco products for an extended period. Smoking can leave your teeth yellowed or badly stained, giving your dentist a critical indicator that you’re a smoker. Generally speaking, smokers also have issues with periodontal or gum disease. 

One of the other exciting things our dentist in The Woodlands can detect from your teeth is if you’re right-handed or left-handed. As it turns out, if you’re right-handed, you brush the left side of your mouth better than the right, leaving behind more plaque on your other teeth. 

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