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We Do Woodlands Emergency Dentistry: But Not Anything Like This!

added on: February 24, 2022

As your team of dentists in The Woodlands, you know that you can always rely on us if you or someone in your family experiences a dental emergency. They are no joke and usually require some quick thinking and treating to get you out of pain and function again. 

With that being said, we ask you to open your mind to a different kind of dental emergency that truly warms your heart. We hope it brings a healthy, happy smile to your face. 

A Fishy Tale

This incredible story recently occurred in Kent, England, and gained international recognition for a small pufferfish with the oh-so-sweet name of Goldie. She started having trouble eating correctly, and Goldie’s owner, Mark, decided he needed to get her some help when she began to shed weight. As it turns out, she would need emergency dentistry because her teeth had grown so large she was unable to eat properly. (We’re not sure about you, but your Woodlands dentists feel bad for Goldie and Mark.)

Mark later made it to a veterinary office where he found out that Goldie and her five-year-old pufferfish teeth needed to be sawed down. The doctor said pufferfish teeth are made out of the same material as bird beaks and will continuously grow throughout their lives. The teeth are usually ground down naturally due to hard-shelled foods in the fish’s diet. Unfortunately, Goldie doesn’t care for them like her other fishy friends. Now, she needs dental work!

Good to Know

Your dentists in The Woodlands will all tell you that there’s never a reason to ignore your dental emergency — the same goes for Goldie. She made it through her treatment without any complications and was back at her home tank in no time. Her veterinarian used something called a dental bur to fix Goldie’s teeth. This tool can be made from diamonds and easily cut through bone or teeth. 

Is there some dental work you’ve been putting off? Are you afraid you’ll experience a dental emergency in The Woodlands, and you’ll end up in bad shape like Goldie? There’s help available for patients of all ages when you come to The Woodlands Dental Group. We make sure you’re seen as soon as possible when you call us with a dental emergency. Talk to us today! You deserve the very best in dentistry when you’re not feeling the very best about your teeth.

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