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Pediatric Dentistry By
The Woodlands Dental Group

The Right Choice for Woodlands’ Young Smiles

Smiles are smiles are smiles, right? In some ways, maybe, but not so much when it comes to development and treatment needs.

Young smiles need very different care than adult smiles – and so do young and special-needs spirits! It’s why Woodlands Dental Group is so proud to offer dedicated pediatric care at Growing Great Grins, the office of Drs. Leslie Blackburn and Judith Ragsdale.

Both Dr. Blackburn and Dr. Ragsdale have all the advanced training required to appropriately deal with children, adolescents, and special-needs patients. You see, pediatric dentists go through two extra years of rigorous training after dental school to specialize in things like infant oral care, pediatric restorative dentistry, preventative care, pediatric sedation, space maintenance, and even cosmetic dentistry for kids. But they not only understand how teeth grow and little oral structures develop, they also know how to:

  • Listen to kids
  • Pick up on nonverbal cues of distress or anxiety
  • Talk to kids so they understand
  • Keep children relaxed and at ease through any treatment
  • Educate parents on effective at-home prevention, monitoring, and hygiene
  • Make dentistry fun and engaging for parents and kids alike

It’s relationship-based pediatric dentistry at its best.

Healthy Smiles – Healthy Kids

Ultimately – in spite of all the fun we have in our office, no matter how often kids beg their parents to come in so they can play in our delightful facility – what really counts is how we care for your child’s oral health. Like all the dentists in the Woodlands Dental Group, the doctors at Growing Great Grins know that a healthy mouth and strong teeth lead to healthier bodies, higher self-esteem, and even better performance in school. It’s true! Getting your kids the proper dental care is one of the best gifts you can give them to get a great start in life.

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