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Woodlands Dental Group Orthodontics

Straight to Comfort – with a Smile

Orthodontics is all about helping you or your child achieve the healthy, comfortable, ideally-functioning, and attractive smile you want and deserve. That’s right – everyone deserves this. Orthodontics isn’t just for kids!

For over 30 years, Dr. Wade Williams has been caring for patients in the Woodlands area – that means he has decades of experience treating smiles of all ages to better health, ideal tooth positioning, and beautiful alignment through leading-edge techniques and innovative technology.

How Orthodontic Treatment Can Improve Your Health and Appearance

The Woodlands Dental Group offers comprehensive orthodontics using both fixed and removable appliances.

Of course, orthodontics has many benefits all on its own, straightening smiles, closing gaps, and making everything look as beautiful as you desire, but we also find that orthodontic treatment can offer many complementary benefits to our patients including:

  • As an adjunct to cosmetic dentistry – By going into braces before cosmetic treatment begins, we can put the teeth in their most ideal position, correcting the bite and forming a more beautiful arch for improved, final results. Once your orthodontic treatment is completed, we can place veneers, or proceed with any other cosmetic dental service you require, to achieve unparalleled beauty.
  • To assist in the treatment of TMJ disorder – We offer orthodontics for cases in which a splint is no longer effective and correction of the bite is critical to relieving TMJ-related symptoms.
  • To improve pediatric oral and overall health – Early treatment of malocclusion in children is key to proper facial development. Often we can correct a severe overbite at an early age preventing years of imbalance in facial growth. In addition, many children find relief from allergies and airway problems such as mouth breathing when we help jaws develop properly during growth.
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