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Three At-Home Oral Hygiene Tips That Will Make You Smarter

added on: September 1, 2022

You’ll know much more than your neighbor about perfecting your oral health at home after reading this blog courtesy of The Woodlands Dental Group. What does that mean? You’re more intelligent, more informed, and (dare we say it) setting yourself up for fewer dental appointments with your Woodlands dentist.

Let us explain.

Setting You up for Success

We hope that you love coming to see us! No matter which one of our talented Woodlands dentists you choose, we understand that it’s not always your favorite appointment to keep. However, there’s no denying that regular visits with our friendly dental hygiene specialists are vital to your oral health. We’re all about setting you up for success and sharing some top industry tips that might help you have fewer appointments in the future — just routine cleanings, no cavities!

Top At-Home Tip #1 – Brush Your Teeth At Least Twice Daily

Yes, we might sound like a broken record with this tip, but there’s a reason it’s at the top of the charts. Sometimes it’s easier to put a dot of toothpaste on your toothbrush, scrub your teeth a few times, rinse, and go. While this is definitely not a bad habit to have, your dentist in The Woodlands (and the American Dental Association) always recommends two minutes of brushing twice a day. Remember that technology and toothbrushes are more innovative than ever, so investing in a more up-to-date brush might not make you want to rush as much. (Ask your hygienist what brands and styles might work best for your smile at your next appointment!)

Top At-Home Tip #2 – Go Ahead and Stick out Your Tongue

Forget about minding your manners for a moment and stick out your tongue for a bit while you’re brushing your teeth. Your tongue is a strong yet often overlooked part of your body that does a lot of work every day. If you look closely at your tongue in the mirror, you’ll see something called papillae, where bacteria like to live. Brush and use a tongue scraper to eliminate anything lurking on your tongue. It will freshen your breath and boost your oral health.

Top At-Home Tip #3 – Do Mind Your Diet

Did you know that when you eat and drink something called the pH levels in your mouth begin to drop drastically? The lower it goes, the more potential damage it could cause you and your oral health. Remember to be mindful of the sugar, carbohydrates, and acidic foods or beverages you consume. Eating healthy has many benefits and can lower your risk for cavities and periodontal (gum) disease.

It’s time to give a whole new meaning to “working from home,” and clock in some hours for your oral health. Your at-home hygiene routine is where you do some of your most important work in terms of caring for your teeth. Keeping up with brushing and flossing ensures visits with your Woodlands dentist will be easy and stress-free. If you need to schedule a consultation, please give us a call!