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Three Reasons Why Dental Implants Rock

added on: January 17, 2020

If last month all you wanted for Christmas was your two front teeth replaced, but a certain someone (who wears red) didn’t deliver, then make 2020 the year you do it for yourself. The first step is so easy. All you have to do is talk to our Woodlands dentists. They know a thing or two about dental implants because they’re backed by decades of dentistry experience, using some of the most amazing dental tools available today. Learn more about them here:

Robert G. Dernick DDS

Epstein & Vakil

Mike Freeman DDS

Alisa M. Reed DDS

Any of these highly talented, sought-after dentists in the Woodlands will tell you there’s no reason to worry or be nervous about dental implants. They’re one of the most revolutionary restorative solutions to hit dentistry, changing how we can preserve your smile so that it lasts even longer, for a lifetime.

Reason #1 Dental Implants Rock: They Have Roots!

One of the biggest benefits you’ll enjoy from replacing your missing tooth or teeth with dental implants, is their durable roots. When you lose a tooth, you lose the roots too. This can cause your jaw bone to weaken and deteriorate, creating a sunken in look as time without teeth wears on. 

A dental implant is a titanium post attached to something called an abutment and then a crown. Once all the pieces are in place, you (and everyone else) will never be able to tell you lost a tooth.

Reason #2 Dental Implants Rock: They’ll Change What You Know About Dentures

Imagine never having to worry about your dentures falling or slipping out. Imagine being able to eat steak or other foods you love again without hesitation. Imagine never having to take your teeth out at night and scrub, clean, and soak them for hours. The life you’re thinking of is one dentures secured by dental implants. 

Implant-retained dentures don’t run the risk of falling out or causing discomfort. Your Woodlands dentist can create implants designed to stay in place, look natural, and feel more comfortable than you ever thought dentures could be. 

Reason #3 Dental Implants Rock: They Have Over a 90% Success Rate

Being that dental implant treatment is so successful, we think that’s something to smile about. Dental implants have been used by dentists all over the world for decades, and we’re pleased to bring this state-of-the-art, life-changing treatment to our Woodlands patients. 

It’s just another way we want to help you and your smile stay healthy. It’s important that we see you as early as possible after the loss or damage to your tooth or teeth. The longer you wait to talk with us, the more damage you could do to your jaw bone, your remaining teeth, and even your overall health.

Your Woodlands’ dentists will do everything we can to help heal your oral health issues, improve your self-image, and give you back the ability to eat the foods you love and speak normally. Don’t wait to find one of our implant doctors and call to find out how dental implants can change your life. We’re proud to offer compassionate, comprehensive, and quality implant services to patients of all ages and stages of life. Talk to us today! It’s your turn to have a healthy, happy smile.