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What’s The Connection Between a Renaissance Faire and Dental Care in The Woodlands?

added on: November 4, 2021

Beginning last month, your Woodlands dentists were excited to see that the 47th Annual Kingdom of Texas Renaissance Festival made its triumphant return to Todd Mission, TX. This is a magical place filled with enchanting encounters around every corner. But what does the festival of fun have to do with your dentist in The Woodlands?

We thought it might be a good time to check out some of the “interesting” ways folks tended to their teeth in medieval times. Won’t you join us for a bit of a trip back in time?

People Valued Oral Health More Than You Might Think

When we think back to the days of medieval medicine and/or lack thereof, it can be easy to picture someone with a mouthful of dental problems or troublesome teeth. However, many works of literature created during this time show that having a white, healthy set of teeth and pleasant breath were admirable attributes that appealed to most everyone — regardless of status or wealth. 

What Kinds of Tooth Tools Did They Use?

There’s evidence that the Middle Ages people used various home remedies such as toothpaste, powders, and mouth rinses. The actual act of brushing might make some people cringe today as folks would often rub their teeth and gums with a rough cut of linen material. They had special pastes and powders they could also apply to the cloth to whiten teeth and freshen breath. Most toothpastes from this time would have included something abrasive to clean teeth and a scented herb like ground sage or mint or a spice such as cinnamon. And forget about sugar-free gum — medieval people liked to chew on fennel seeds, parsley, and cloves to keep breath fresh between meals. 

No Sugar = Less Dental Problems

During this time, sugar was too costly for most common folks to have in their diet, and it was not widely available and used sparingly as a seasoning. They tended to use natural sugars derived from fruits and honey as well. People also enjoyed diets high in calcium from dairy while eating many vegetables and grains, so their teeth were less subject to sugary decay. 

When you get back from having fun at the fair, remember to check in with our closest Woodlands dental office to see if you and your family are due for a checkup or a cleaning! Now’s the time of year to use your dental benefits before they expire at the end of December. If you have any questions for your Woodlands dentist, please reach out to any of these Woodlands Dental Group offices: 

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