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Why Do I Have Crooked Teeth?

added on: August 16, 2019

No two patients at The Woodlands Dental Group are alike, and the same goes for their smiles too. Our talented team knows that there are so many reasons why our teeth can come in crooked or become misaligned over time. We’re here to help answer questions like these and make sure your smile is healthy enough to last a lifetime.

We love setting smiles straight too! For over three decades, Dr. Wade Williams has had experience in treating smiles of all ages to better health and moving teeth into a position that’s healthier, functional, and naturally appealing. He does all this thanks to his unmatched expertise, leading-edge techniques, and innovative technology. 

As more and more patients are seeking dental treatment, they’re becoming aware of all of the exciting orthodontic options available today in The Woodlands. This is true for both kids and adults alike. But what causes our need for orthodontic treatment anyway? Let’s take a look at this list. See if there’s something that could be affecting your smile that you might want to talk to your Woodlands orthodontist about.

Common Causes of Crooked Teeth

  • It’s All Relative – One of the biggest reasons we have messed up teeth is genetics. So overbites, underbites, and crooked teeth can simply be out of your control.
  • The Shape of Things – Your mouth and jaw shape plays a significant role in how your teeth are formed. Smaller mouths tend to have less room for healthy teeth to mature and thrive.
  • It’s Not Time Yet – Sometimes, for various reasons, we lose our teeth. Both adults and children can have teeth alignment problems of adult or baby teeth fall out early on in life.
  • The Fix Doesn’t Fit – Patients with older, malfunctioning dental restorations that don’t fit the way they should are a risk for misalignment issues.
  • It’s Irritating – Things like gum disease or oral injury can cause irritations in your mouth that can lead to crooked or gapped teeth.
  • These Habits Don’t Help – Unhealthy habits such as thumb sucking, using a pacifier, tongue thrusting, and prolonged bottle use can cause your teeth to shift or become misshapen.

If you or someone you know has trouble with crooked teeth, then you know there can be complications with everything from discomfort while chewing to an increase in diseases such as gingivitis, cavities, and decay. Dr. Williams meets people every day who tell him that their uneven or crooked teeth are hurting their confidence and self-esteem.

Let Us Help You (And Your Smile)

Dr. Williams and The Woodlands Dental Group are both trusted names in our area for straight, healthy smiles. Isn’t it time you talked to us? We offer no-obligation consultations where we learn more about you and your smile, and you find out what treatment options are available to fit your schedule and your budget. There’s a solution for every smile, and we’re trained to do it all.

Take some time to talk to your Woodlands orthodontist today. It’s the best decision you can make for yourself and your smile. You’ll be amazed at all of the new doors and opportunities that will arise when you finally have teeth that are straight and healthy!