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3 Habits That Will 100% Ruin Your Teeth

added on: March 14, 2023

If each dentist has their own “floss-ophy,” then your Woodlands dentist might have to agree with this one. Wei Jian, a dental professional from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, took to TikTok to share the three common habits people make that could actually ruin their teeth.

  1. Nail Biting
  2. Using Toothpicks
  3. Teeth Grinding 

While the team at The Woodlands Dental Group doesn’t always necessarily agree with some of the dental advice you find on social media apps like this, there’s some real truth about what these things can do to your tooth enamel and smile in general. 

  1. Nail Biting

The American Dental Association says anywhere between a quarter to a third of children, along with half of teenagers in our country, bite their nails in some way. It can lead to:

  • Enamel erosion – Along with chipping and cracking, your teeth will be affected by the grinding and friction when you bite your nails. 
  • Bite issues – This habit doesn’t just affect your tooth enamel, it can also mess with your bite. Nail biting can cause unwanted movement in your teeth leading to something called malocclusion and gaps. 
  • Root resorption – Your jaw bone can actually reabsorb your tooth roots, leaving them weakened and prone to falling out. The risk is even bigger if you wear metal braces.
  1. Using Toothpicks

This is a tough one for some people, because your Woodlands dentist knows how much you love your toothpicks. The folks at the Academy of General Dentistry, say if you must use a toothpick, then go for it, if there’s not another option available. Just make sure to be very careful! Most dentists recommend using them sparingly, not regularly. Why? Because your dentist in The Woodlands has seen what can happen when a piece of wood or splinter breaks off before lodging in the gums or between teeth. 

  1. Teeth Grinding
    Bruxism or teeth grinding is something that can be made worse by nail biting. Sometimes people who bite their fingernails find they have an increased risk or likelihood of developing a chronic bruxism habit. Grinding of your teeth is serious in that it causes damage to your enamel over time, sensitivity, abnormal alignment of your jaw, and even increased situational anxiety. 

Do you or someone in your family struggle with nail biting? Are you interested in seeing what your Woodlands dentist can do?

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