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The Woodlands Clear Braces Online without a Dentist? No Way!

added on: February 28, 2023

Do you dream of a perfect “Instagram” smile? Your dentist in The Woodlands is seeing so many patients who see at-home online clear aligners and think they have found the easy, go-to answer. Trust The Woodlands Dental Group to tell you the truth about online clear aligner alternatives to choices like Invisalign®. It’s a form of remote dentistry that could leave you with more dental problems than you started out with. 

What’s Remote Dentistry?

Dentists in England told the BBC that an increasing number of people want instant “Instagram” smiles that have left some damage where improvements were expected. This leads them to explore what’s becoming even more options for what’s considered “remote dentistry” where you don’t actually see your Woodlands dentist in person, or at all. One man tried this out for himself, and found that the aligner caused a new weakness in his front teeth, making it impossible to bite into an apple. 

Why You Need a Woodlands Dentist for Invisalign®

Talk to your dentist in the Woodlands or an orthodontist and they will probably tell you the same thing about remote or do-it-yourself dentistry — patients just aren’t fully aware of the serious damage that can be caused by clear aligners when not fitted and monitored properly. It’s easy to underestimate the actual amount of force your aligners put on teeth during the straightening process. Also, if there’s significant decay or gum disease present that we would normally catch during a checkup, teeth are at risk for becoming loose or falling out. When you’re interested in Invisalign® or other smile straightening solutions, it’s always best to remember this: You want to create a beautiful smile that’s also a healthy smile. 

You Make the Call

Are you currently debating whether to try an at-home or do-it-yourself clear aligner system? Even if you just want to talk, your Woodland dentist is here to listen. We can show you what results to expect and answer any questions you might have, without judgment. Schedule a consultation so we can start the conversation about the right way to get you the straighter, healthier smile you want and deserve. 

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