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Don’t Be a Brock: Why Your Woodlands Dentist Should Handle Dental Emergencies

added on: February 15, 2023

We all know that athletes are a special breed, especially hockey players. Most players have already had or will endure a knocked out tooth as part of this potentially dentally-dangerous sport. 

Take NHL Star Brock Nelson, for example. He needs to learn a thing or two about oral health care from The Woodlands Dental Group

Your Woodlands Dentist Invite You to Meet Brock Nelson, DMD

Islanders star Brock Nelson was hit in the mouth with a hockey stick during a recent match with the Maple Leafs. The stick hit Nelson pretty good, leading him to fall down on the ice. When the ten-year NHL veteran returned to the bench for a rest, he realized his tooth was in trouble. However, what Brock did next wasn’t the best idea. Instead of seeing a dentist in The Woodlands, he literally took the tooth into his own hands, pulling it out and passing it along to the team’s trainer. 

What You Should Really Do for a Woodlands Dental Emergency

In this specific case, we’re referring to one of the most common Woodlands dental emergencies: a knocked-out tooth. The American Association of Endodontists estimates that more than a million people have a tooth or teeth that are knocked out in both kids and adults. You’ll want to take proper emergency action so that your tooth can be saved and remain healthy for years to come:

  1. Pick your tooth up by the crow, avoiding the roots
  2. You can gently rinse it in water to remove debris
  3. Replace the tooth in the socket ASAP, if you can
  4. Make sure to keep the tooth moist
  5. Call your Woodlands dentist right away

It’s best to see a dentist within half an hour of your injury, but your tooth can be saved if it takes longer. 

Don’t Let Dental Emergencies Stress You Out

Your smile is important. Your oral health is deeply connected to what happens elsewhere in your body. When you have a dental emergency in The Woodlands, it’s best to get the care you need and deserve the right way. Please don’t hesitate to call The Woodlands Dental Group and let us help you feel better without pressure. 

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