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4 Mysterious Tips for a Healthy Halloween from Your Woodlands, TX Dentist

added on: October 29, 2022

The magical Halloween time is here, and The Woodlands Dental Group wants to take a moment to share a couple of tips with you. Since this tradition was first celebrated by ancient Celts who lived in Great Britain and Ireland, the 31st of October has become synonymous with trick-or-treating.

With the right tips and maybe a few of your tricks, Halloween doesn’t have to mean horror to oral health and damage to your gorgeous smile. We know all about this and more because we’re your five-star dentist for children’s dentistry in The Woodlands. 

Help yourself to some of these valuable tips. (We won’t tell your kids.):

1. Stick with the Best

Dark chocolate is the best for your teeth when aiming to keep sugars at a minimum. Did you know that dark chocolate also contains a unique compound that can help to strengthen your tooth enamel? There are a lot of other ways it can be beneficial too. 

2. Stick with the Rest

Sorry, but sticky treats like caramel and taffy are bad for your teeth. Try to avoid them or minimize how much you eat to prevent damage to your smile and orthodontic work. Make sure to eat candy and sweets while having a healthy meal to encourage saliva production to wash away damaging sugars.

3. Stick with the Budget

Did you know that creating a budget or guidelines for enjoying your Halloween candy haul can help stop overeating and sugar shock? When consumed in moderation, you’ll be able to enjoy something sweet well after Thanksgiving has replaced the Halloween decorations. This helps everyone not to overload on unnecessary sweets to keep their teeth and body healthy for the holiday season. 

4. Stick with the Water

Including carbonated beverages like Cokes, flavored waters, and sports drinks should all be minimized when possible, especially this time of year. Drinking water helps clean the teeth and gums and reduces the build-up of bacteria. Halloween allows you to trade candy for the sugary beverages that most kids make a part of their regular diet. Offer to exchange a couple of pieces of candy for their favorite soda, and you won’t be exacerbating an already prevalent problem.

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