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Mind-Blowing Dental Breakthroughs for Patients Over 65 in The Woodlands, TX

added on: October 12, 2022

Now that you’re in the prime of your life, you might be beyond looking for a simple teeth whitening in The Woodlands. We can do that for you (and so much more), but you’re probably going to be more impressed by what other dental breakthroughs The Woodlands Dental Group has exclusively for you and patients over 65.

 AARP says that nearly 14 percent of adults over the age of 65 have lost a majority of their teeth. Are you one of them? Do missing teeth really mess with your ability to live the life you’ve worked so hard for and deserve? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and your Woodlands dentist can give you back the confidence to smile again. 

Let’s get down to it:

More Affordable Dental Implants (and Dentures)

You’ve probably been either dealing with dentures or facing the fact that you need them for a while now. There are less expensive implant options available today than in the past, especially for people who are missing all their teeth. Implant-retained dentures are giving seniors the power to look and feel younger. Sometimes this dental implant treatment is referred to as All-on-4. They are less invasive and costly than traditional dental implants and are certainly a step away from uncomfortable, removable dentures. 

Technology is Taking Treatments to New Levels

We know that technology can be a little daunting, but you don’t have to worry about a thing! Our staff is highly trained and skilled in using some of dentistry’s most innovative tools that allow for a more relaxed, comfortable dental experience for you. We can’t say enough about the benefits of our laser technology and the ease it brings to our patients. As a trusted dentist in The Woodlands, we routinely rely on lasers to enhance your restorative procedures. You’re left with a brand new smile that was a breeze to achieve, thanks to more predictable and accurate results. Laser procedures are loved by all our patients, especially seniors, because there are no inflammation or side effects that will ruin the rest of your day.

The Future is Nearly Near and Here

As if dental care wasn’t advancing enough, there’s a chance you might be able to grow your own replacement teeth. Researchers have already started working with something called stem cells in labs, but results on humans could take years to actually see in action. In the meantime, your Woodlands dentist will tell you that good at-home oral hygiene and routine checkups will help ensure your teeth stay healthy. 

Are you interested in finding a dentist who understands your needs at your age? We want to hear about you and get to know you better. Talk to a team member at The Woodlands Dental Group today. Get to know our team of five-star dentists in The Woodlands:

Dr. Robert Dernick (General, Cosmetic, Implant Dentistry, and TMJ) 

Dr. Mike Freeman (General, Cosmetic, Implant, Sleep Apnea, and TMJ) 

Dr. Alisa Reed (General, Cosmetic, Implant, Laser, Sleep Apnea, and TMJ)

Dr. Wade Williams (Orthodontics)

Dr. Nikita Vakil (General, Cosmetic, Implant Dentistry)

Dr. Leslie Blackburn (Pediatric Dentistry)