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Does Vaping Damage Teeth?

added on: October 22, 2019

With all of the news recently about the unknown, even deadly risks of vaping, we thought it might be a good idea to talk about how vaping can affect your smile. Is there something you’re concerned about when it comes to vaping? Do you think it’s damaging your teeth? If you’re looking for peace of mind, it’s time to talk our dental offices in The Woodlands. We’re always ready to answer your questions about your oral health. 

Vaping and The Effects on Your Overall Health

All you have to do is turn on the news these days, and there’s another story about someone with a severe vaping-related illness. Unfortunately, doctors don’t seem to have an idea of why people are falling ill or even passing away from vaping or using an e-cigarette device. This is leaving many cities and states across America to consider banning vaping, with the number continuing to grow each day. 

While many manufacturers claim that these devices are safer than traditional cigarettes, research is starting to contradict that claim. Recent studies show a possible correlation between vaping and an increased risk of pneumonia, rapid heart rate, congestive heart failure, and stroke. While more research on the overall health effects of vaping needs to be done, many studies support that the ‘safer’ way to smoke isn’t safe. 

Vaping and The Effects on Your Oral Health 

Now that the dangers of vaping and e-cigarettes are coming to light, there should certainly be a demand from the dental community worldwide more research. We need to know what effects vaping can have on teeth after all; your mouth is affected with every puff you take.

Some possible “side effects” have been noted in patients who vape over recent years as more research is conducted. Issues include:

1) Gum Inflammation – The vape juice contained in e-cigarette cartridges can increase your risk for gum or periodontal inflammation. This can lead to more dangerous levels of gum disease where you’re putting your teeth at risk of becoming loose or falling out. 

2) Dry Mouth – Vaping runs the risk of causing dry mouth. One study linked dry mouth in people who vaped to an ingredient called propylene glycol. Constant exposure to this chemical can cause dry mouth, bad breath, and an increased risk for cavities. 

3) Damaged Cells – In 2018, research showed that vaping could cause damage to your cells’ DNA, even kill cells. The damage was directly correlated to bad breath, bone loss, tooth loss, and gum disease

Your understanding dentist in The Woodlands knows the challenges of quitting any smoking or tobacco use. But these days, so many people (including us) are here for you, to help you, every day and every step of the way. Whether you’re smoking cigarettes, using chewing tobacco, or vaping, it’s not healthy for your mouth or your body. As we said, we know it’s hard to stop, but at least take some time to consider how healthy you can be.

If you have questions about vaping or want to schedule a visit with one of our friendly, caring team members, contact The Woodlands Dental Group today. There is a whole family of dental health professionals and specialists waiting to help you feel healthy and look your best.