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Why Choose The Woodlands Dental Group? (Because It’s All the Dentistry You Could Ever Need!)

added on: September 25, 2019

We think our very own Dr. Mike Freeman sums up how The Woodlands Dental Group works in the words, “Success is patients feeling taken care of.”

That’s what we do, and it’s all we care about (besides smiles.) Some people out there still aren’t sure how our dental group works, if it’s easy to become a part of our dental family, etc. We thought we’d take a quick minute to break it all down in a blog post where you can get to know us, because we’re always excited to meet people like you. If you’re new to town and haven’t found a dentist in The Woodlands just yet or if you’ve got a Woodlands dentist, but you’re thinking of switching your care to somewhere else – You should consider reading what we can do for you, your family, and (of course) your smile. 

How It All Started: The Woodlands Dental Group is Here for YOU

Over three decades ago, a group of friends (who were also respected colleagues and dentists in The Woodlands), decided to come together for the sake of patients. They joined forces as The Woodlands Dental Group while maintaining their individual practices. We made this move because we believe in the power of group care for every person who visits our dental offices. There are strengths and advantages over the competition that come with being a patient with us. We have the unique ability to collaborate and share our care with everyone within the group, benefiting from their years of combined dental experience and expertise. Our patients will tell you they experience a special kind of dental care, built on the foundations of friendship and excellence.

We’ll get to all the services you can expect from us (there are quite a few) shortly. But one of the most significant benefits of choosing us as your Woodlands dentist is that your whole family (from grandkids to grandparents) are welcome with us. We see everyone at every age and stage of life. Oh, and the other added perk that people like about us is that you’re in control. You choose and create your own team of doctors and dental health providers. If something comes up, and you need a little extra work requiring a referral or a dental specialist, don’t even worry about it! We meet (and exceed) your every dental need within The Woodlands Dental Group, maybe in the same building! It’s more convenient, comfortable care for you and that’s the way we designed it. We’re so friendly, so comfortable, and so high-quality, Woodlands Online has voted us its Best Dentists for eight consecutive years and the overall Business of the Year in 2017 (just sayin’).

What Dental Services Do The Woodlands Dental Group Offer?

The one-word answer to this question is everything. By no means are we bragging when we say we do it all. It just so happens that we designed every aspect of The Woodlands Dental Group with you in mind. We want to make professional-yet-friendly dentistry available to patients of all ages, better yet, we want them to enjoy it! Just ask Dr. Robert Dernick. We think he sums up our office philosophy quite well, saying, “you have to treat the patient as you would a member of your own family and be cognizant of what is best for them. We want to make dentistry a pleasant experience.” We do so by offering a wide variety of dental services, including:

General and Preventive Dentistry – We believe if your teeth and gums aren’t healthy, your body won’t be either. We put a lot of emphasis on general and preventive dental care for families. We make it all available in one beautiful, convenient location.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Health and beauty come together in all of our cosmetic dentistry work. We can fix your smile issues, helping you find a new lease on life and regain your confidence.

– Implant Dentistry – Missing teeth are no match for our dental implant expertise and experience. From placing to restoring previous implants, your Woodlands dentist can do it all. 

Laser Dentistry – This is the dental care of the future. Just ask our dentist Dr. Alisa Reed. She’ll show you how it’s time to say goodbye to scary or annoying drills. Laser Dentistry is so powerful and effective that it’s now used for all kinds of treatments including preventive and general care, restorative procedures, and even cosmetic enhancements.

Orthodontics – Having a straighter, healthier smile isn’t just for kids and teens anymore. Everyone deserves an improved smile. For over 30 years, Dr. Wade Williams has been caring for patients in The Woodlands area – that means he has decades of experience treating smiles of all ages to better health, ideal tooth positioning, and beautiful alignment through leading-edge techniques and innovative technology.

Pediatric Dentistry – Young smiles need very different care than adult smiles – and so do young and special-needs patients! It’s why The Woodlands Dental Group is proud to offer dedicated pediatric care at Growing Great Grins, the office of Drs. Leslie Blackburn and Judith Ragsdale. Both Dr. Blackburn and Dr. Ragsdale have all the advanced training required to deal with children, adolescents, and special-needs patients appropriately.

Sleep Apnea Therapy – While not everyone who snores has sleep apnea, snoring is one of the primary symptoms of sleep apnea. If you or a loved one snore, Dr. David Epstein from The Woodlands Dental Group has the tools and training to help diagnose and treat that potential sleep apnea so you can get the rest you deserve – for health, wellbeing, and longevity!

TMJ/TMD Dentistry – Your Woodlands dentist understands that living a normal life when you’re dealing with everyday pain associated with your TMJ or TMD can be unbearable. The doctors at The Woodlands Dental Group would like to help you find relief from TMJ disorder so you can get back to enjoying life.

We’re All About Friends and Family

Thanks for sticking around and reading a little bit more about the talented team at The Woodlands Dental Group. Our philosophy applies not only to the association between the doctors – our dedication to excellence and friendship is extended to every single patient as well! Our team treats everyone like a close friend (that they inevitably become), offering them the kind of care we’d offer to our own families. It is a commitment we stand by.

Give The Woodlands Dental Group a call today. We’re always welcoming new patients! We’re happy to answer your questions and set you up with a visit to the office. If there’s anything you need for your smile to be healthy, you’re sure to find it all (and more) with us!