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How to Stop Avoiding Your Woodlands Dentist

added on: June 11, 2021

It’s so important to keep your teeth and mouth healthy, but in our country dental care isn’t often seen to be as important as those regular checkups with your doctor you’re always hearing about. So many people across the country put off seeing their dentist for so many reasons, including:

  • A bad experience in the past that’s unforgettable
  • Concerns about time, money, and results
  • Shame over not getting the help you need

The reason your dentist in The Woodlands is shedding some light on this subject is because we recently read this article that discusses why people avoid the dentist and some steps to help patients get their dental care back on track.

We All Have Our Reasons

If you’re searching for a Woodlands dentist because you haven’t seen someone in months or years, you’re in the right place. Let’s all talk about the elephant in the room and that’s anxiety about seeing the dentist. Even the toughest, most rugged Texas outlaws probably experience some butterflies when it’s time to sit in the dentist’s chair. In the article, Cameron L. Randall, a clinical psychologist and assistant professor at the University of Washington School of Dentistry in Seattle, said that there’s a sort of spectrum for dental anxiety or full-blown fear. “It’s not that people are either fearful of the dentist or not; there really is a range in the severity or intensity of the fear,” he said. Where you land in all of this can have a big impact on your oral and even your overall health. Randall also says that roughly half of the people in the U.S. report some form of “mild to moderate dental anxiety.” This is generally not enough to keep someone from going to their Woodlands dentist. However, there are about 20 percent of people who struggle even greater, and an additional 10 percent who are so freaked out, they avoid the dentist altogether forever.

What Can I Do?

So how exactly can you put dental anxiety or fear in check? Here are some top tips from the article as suggested by the experts:

  1. Tell your dentist how you’re feeling – When you see your Woodlands dentist, be sure to communicate exactly how you’re feeling. We want to help you and make you feel comfortable. Talking with us can help ease some of your anxieties and give you the confidence to proceed with treatment.
  2. Practice relaxation techniques – We know the last thing you want to hear when you’re riddled with anxiety is to “take a deep breath,” but did you know it can actually do more good than harm? The experts suggest “breathing deeply while slowly counting to five, holding your breath for a second, then slowly exhaling.”
  3. Seek additional support – There’s absolutely nothing wrong with seeking additional support for your dental fear or phobia. If you’re someone who hasn’t seen a dentist in decades or more due to fear, you can consider talking to a psychologist, counselor, or psychotherapist.

Please never hesitate to speak with our dentists in The Woodlands if you or someone in your family is experiencing any of the issues we talked about there today. There is a solution and help is available to everyone. All of our dentists are here for you and ready to listen. Speak to someone today: 

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