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National Gum Care Month 

added on: September 5, 2023

September is National Gum Care Month! To best celebrate the month, get informed on the prevalence of gum disease within the United States and how best to care for your oral health. Unfortunately, gum disease will affect nearly half (46%) of the adult population aged 30 years and older within this country per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Woodlands Dental Group is here to administer the care you need to help you avoid joining the statistics. 

Why Are Gums So Important Anyway?  

We’re so glad you asked! Here at the Woodlands Dental Group, we’re excited to educate our patients and community members on proper gum care and why it’s so fundamental to one’s overall oral health. Gum disease can affect an individual’s wellbeing outside of their mouth as well, as it puts people at higher risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. 

Gums provide a protective barrier between bacteria and the sensitive roots of your teeth. If bacteria or food is allowed to accumulate, this negatively affects your gum health.  

To best care for your gums, it’s recommended that you brush at least twice a day and floss thoroughly. This helps to remove any leftover food particles and bacteria. Keep in mind, harder brushing is not better brushing — as this can lead to bleeding and receding gums.  

Patients located in The Woodlands, TX should visit The Woodlands Dental Group at least twice a year for exams and cleanings, which can lower the likelihood of disease and catching any symptoms early. Keeping updated X-rays of your teeth can show signs of gum disease that may not be visible to the naked eye. 

What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Gum Disease? 

Gingivitis is the mildest form of gum disease and left unchecked, it can turn into the more serious form of periodontitis. At this stage, bone structure can be lost and teeth may loosen and fall out. Visit your dentist in The Woodlands if you notice any of the signs below. 

  • Redness and swelling of the gums
  • Increased sensitivity and tenderness
  • Bleeding while brushing or flossing
  • Receding gums from the teeth
  • Persistent bad breath  

Smoking is one of the most persistent contributors to the onset of gum disease. This includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and even e-cigarettes. According to the CDC, patients who regularly smoke are twice as likely as nonsmokers to develop gum disease. 

If you’re currently struggling with any of the above symptoms, call your local Woodlands dentist to discuss gum disease treatment and periodontal health. These signs shouldn’t be ignored, as the outcome hinges on early and proactive treatment. Our doctors in The Woodlands welcome you to our office to plan a course of treatment and a preventative care routine that keeps your gums healthy.