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The Connection Between Summer Allergies and Oral Health

added on: August 2, 2023

Those afflicted by pesky seasonal allergies know all too well the symptoms that rising pollen levels bring. Watery eyes, congestion, and coughing are the body’s reactions to common triggers such as ragweed, grass, mold, and pollen. Did you know that summer allergies and oral health are inextricably linked? Many people suffer from oral health concerns whilst battling against allergies in The Woodlands

Here at The Woodlands Dental Group, we want to educate our patients on how to best care for their oral hygiene and health. Dental health and allergies go hand in hand and we’re here to help you avoid the painful symptoms of oral diseases. 

How Seasonal Allergies Can Afflict Your Mouth 

If you’ve ever experienced a stuffy nose, you’ll understand that the body’s natural recourse is to breathe out of the mouth. This can cause facial and sinus pain, which may even cause toothaches. Excessive mouth breathing can be linked to decreased saliva, which may result in a dry mouth. Saliva is fundamental for a healthy mouth, as it’s one of the main defenses against tooth decay and gum diseases caused by unwelcome bacteria. 

Swollen, irritated gums can be another symptom of seasonal allergies. Sore throats and tonsils, when combined with a dry mouth and bacteria, can lead to painful gums. Not only is this uncomfortable, it may even be painful to brush your teeth properly. Left untreated, gum diseases such as gingivitis can wreak havoc within the oral cavity.  

Tooth pain and increased sensitivity may be prevalent during bouts of summer allergies. As mucus builds up, so does pressure. Patients may experience pain while chewing or unpleasant sensations while consuming hot or cold food and beverages.  

Tips for Protecting Your Dental Health This Allergy Season 

Here are a few helpful tips from your Woodlands dentist to boost the immunity of your mouth and combat common symptoms of summer allergies.

  • Drink lots of water to combat dry mouth and dehydration.
  • Wash your mouth with a saltwater rinse, which can prevent bacterial buildup. 
  • Treat nasal congestion quickly to avoid excessive mouth breathing. 

In some cases, chewing sugar-free gum can be a helpful tool to stimulate saliva production. As always, brush your teeth and floss daily. While your mouth may feel more sensitive to the pressure, it’s integral to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. 

If you’re being afflicted by oral health concerns, whether related to summer allergies or not, the Woodlands Dental Group is here to help. Located in The Woodlands, TX, our team of professional doctors can treat a range of symptoms and create preventative care plans that are individualized to each patient. We can come up with a course of action to keep your oral health in good condition while you’re experiencing seasonal allergies. 

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